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Eisch Dripless Decanter Celebration 1.5L

SKU: 719.1.5
Avoid red wine stains-decanting without dripping: who is not familiar with this: after pouring, drops of red wine run down the outside of the decanting carafe, and leave ugly stains on the tablecloth or on the vessel itself. With the no drop effect, this is a thing of the past. Already when wine is poured, the no drop effect almost completely prevents the formation of drops at the rim of the glass. As a result, no drops of red wine will run down the outside of the carafe. This guarantees perfect stain protection of vessel and tablecloth. The no drop effect is based on a special treatment of the glass surface which permanently prevents drops from running down the outside of carafes and duck decanters. Manufacturing technology: the Eisch no drop decanters are made from lead-free crystal-glass. These mouth blown decanters are all made in Germany. No drop effect cleaning information. The no drop effect will keep its unlimited effectiveness, if you avoid strong scrubbing in the coating area and do not clean the decanter in the dish-washer. After manual dish-washing, the surface-treated area must be carefully cleaned with clear water in order to avoid any detergent deposits-ideally just use clear water for cleaning the decanter. Then please wipe it dry with a soft cloth. When pouring, please take care that the wine flows calmly and uniformly, to achieve an optimum no drop effect. Glashutte valentin Eisch: the glass factory Eisch is located in Bavaria, Germany and looks back to family business since 1946. Due to its high quality glasses and its innovations Eisch has been voted eleven times number one glass producer by german retailers since 1995.

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